What is an essay?

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So, what does the essay mean? If we turn to the etymology of a word, then we can see some duplicity, which, however, is very similar. The concept has a translation from the French language. In this case, the word essai will be translated as an attempt or essay. If you look at his Latin origin, then you can find the term exaguim, which is translated as “weighing”.

In the modern sense, the word essay refers to a certain literary genre of a small size, with a fairly free composition.

Typically, such works are concentrated on some particular issue, but they do not try to fully and completely illuminate it. The essay is based on the personal impressions of the author, in his own thoughts on the chosen theme.

To some extent, this genre is similar to a scientific article and a sketch, is somewhere between them. He also has similarities with a philosophical treatise.

Signs of an Essay

Due to the fact that this literary genre is different in its free form, it is difficult to distinguish its severe features, but there are a number of points worth paying attention to. They will help answer the question of what an essay is and how to write it.

  • The essay always has a clear theme, some issue under consideration. If you deal with a few problems, then this is usually not an essay.
  • Such works are based on the author’s personal opinion, his thoughts and impressions, and therefore they can not give any comprehensive and objective information.
  • Due to his subjectivity, the essay, in the main, helps to know more about the author himself, rather than about what he writes.
  • Subjectivity also affects the nature of the records. They can be philosophical, literary-critical, can claim to be scientific or historical authenticity.
  • As a rule, essays are saturated with artistic images, they give place to associations, and often aphorisms. Many authors are trying to use rhetorical contrasts, and often in works the high degree of openness is established.

Some scholars believe that an essay can be perceived as a great literary genre, which can stand alongside drama, lyricism and epic.

How to write an essay?

Typically, such tasks are issued at school in order to help the student to develop creative thinking, as well as the ability to clearly express their thoughts. In addition, writing contributes

  • ability to structure information;
  • apply the correct terminology;
  • find the cause and effect;
  • use examples and arguments.

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